Data Access Interface (DAI) 2

Credits and Acknowledgments



For details of the development of the Data Access Interface (DAI) and the National Center for Sign Language and Gesture Resources (NCSLGR) corpus to which it provides access, see:

Christian Vogler was responsible for the final implementation of the DAI.

See also Carol Neidle and Christian Vogler, “A New Web Interface to Facilitate Access to Corpora: Development of the ASLLRP Data Access Interface,” 5th Workshop on the Representation and Processing of Sign Languages: Interactions between Corpus and Lexicon, LREC 2012, Istanbul, Turkey, May 27, 2012:


The DAI was extended to provide access to an additional corpus of citation-form signs, the ASLLVD (see below) by Jessy Sheng at the Rutgers Laboratory of Computer Science Research (LCSR) , under the supervision of Augustine Opoku and in collaboration with Carol Neidle.

The new data made accessible came from the American Sign Language Linguistic Video Dataset (ASLLVD) -- see (3) below.


For information about the creation of the ASLLVD, see

The project began as part of the NSF-funded project #0705749 on “Large Lexicon Gesture Representation, Recognition, and Retrieval” (Stan Sclaroff, Carol Neidle, and Vassilis Athitsos, PIs). We are grateful to Ben Bahan, Rachel Benedict, Naomi Berlove Caselli, Elizabeth Cassidy, Lana Cook, Jaimee DiMarco, Danny Ferro, Alix Kraminitz, Joan Nash, Indya Oliver, Caelan Pacelli, Braden Painter, Chrisann Papera, Tyler Richard, Donna Riggle, Tory Sampson, Dana Schlang, Jessica Scott, Alexandra Stefan, Jon Suen, and Iryna Zhuravlova. Special acknowledgment is due to Ashwin Thangali, who made enormous contributions to the development of tools for classification of the data. Linguistic annotations and data analysis were carried out at BU under the supervision of Carol Neidle, with participation of large numbers of BU students; see (6) below. Funding for continuation of linguistic annotation and clasisfication of the data for ASLLVD development was provided by NSF grants #0855065 and #0964385.


A new DAI, “DAI 2,” with many new features, including the ability to display handshapes included in SignStream® 3 annotations, was implemented by Augustine Opoku, in collaboration with Carol Neidle.


Sign Bank: The DAI 2 also includes a Sign Bank functionality, also implemented by Augustine Opoku. The initial Sign Bank was built from the ASLLVD data collection. However, the DAI 2 now includes the ability to add new data from our continuous signing corpora, and it will be expanding significantly. The Sign Bank from the DAI 2 can also be accessed from within SignStream® 3, to improve efficiency and consistency of annotations.


SignStream® and Corpus Development